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Open Positions

Content Writer


  • The applicant will be responsible for creating the content for various applications.

  • Will be responsible for researching, publishing, gathering, arranging and editing information for website publication.

  • Must be imaginative and willing to write an article on any subject, theme, blog or web site.

  • You don't need experience, but you need to have good knowledge of English language and writing skills.

Graphic Designer


  • Responsible for conceptualizing, designing, creating layout and generating all social media marketing and marketing support communications. E.g. Advertising/Campaign Material, Design for various social media platform.

  • To do innovative thinking to create new ideas, concepts and creativity in order to establish some brief design within the time constraints.

Social Media Manager/Marketer


  • SSM responsible for Content Creation, Organic Traffic, Hashtag Research, Engaging Caption (text with each post), Scheduling or Posting, Problem Solving for Social Media Pages.

Video Editor


  • Build a script and imagine innovative ways of interacting with people and presenting the content.

  • Video Making/ Video Editing/ Animation Building

  • Comprehension with tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Illustrator and any other video editing tool.

  • Video Creation for online platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Application Form

Please complete all fields marked with * (Star) and writers are need to complete the Sample Article. Also note that it may take up to a week before being notified via email that you can join us or not.


Terms & Conditions:

All work must be in English. All work for Unbelievable India is non-paid volunteer work. We only allow people whose age are 16 or older.

You consent that all the information is true which is provided by submitting an application form. If we find any wrong information or any wrong activity by your side then you will be fired out from Unbelievable India. And Unbelievable India is not responsible for any illegal activity which you performed and its penalty.


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